Friday, September 30, 2011

Divide and Conquer

Giving away leadership opportunities is the best thing that has happened in my life this year. It is also the hardest! Hard because it demands I give away control. Hard because I have to trust other leaders to make the right choice. Hard because I have to embrace change. This year we changed our student ministry structure to allow our staff and volunteers to serve by maximizing their strengths not our rigid job descriptions and traditional roles. We divided our team into three areas...Production & Events (I lead this area) / Small Groups / Operations...and we placed different leaders in different areas. We have an amazing volunteer who leads our operations team and makes our ministry run smooth. Brandon Reed is now our small group pastor for student ministry. This week I watched as my small group pastor managed some intense situations. Everything in me wanted to get in the middle of the issue. It took everything I could to stay back. Guess worked out fine. Brandon made great leadership decisions, and I was able to get a ton of work done for our fall retreats. When our team is able to focus on a few things rather than everything we are more efficient. We do more to advance the Kingdom of God when we divide and conquer. Our team learned about this type of structure from several innovative churches and we are finding that staffing by strengths rather than titles is working for us. We are letting go of our traditional pastoral roles and rethinking what ministry will look like in 10 years. Why not try it now instead of waiting? Think about dividing and conquering in your setting. Give away some leadership opportunities today!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Top 100 Children's Ministry Blogs

top children's ministry blogs
Yea I know I am a "student ministry guy" but after spending the past five years leading a family ministry team here at Grace Community Church I have had the blessing of meeting many amazing Children's Ministry leaders across the country. Today the top 100 blogs for Children's Ministry came out. I read several of the blogs and have learned from so many of these leaders. Check out these blogs. Get to know these leaders. Better yet...if you want a healthy student ministry you might want to learn how to partner with your children's ministry team! Just an idea for all you student pastors!

Thanks to all the children's ministry leader out there investing in families and creating amazing environments for kids. You are making a difference. Check out the Top 100 Children's Ministry Blogs!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Getting your pastor to think "FAMILY"

I am so blessed to serve with 2 lead pastors that are passionate about reaching the next generation. From day one almost five years ago we were on the same page. We began our leadership journey together trying to think orange and we all three went to the first Orange Conference. We started out processing how we could partner with parents and create amazing environments for kids, teens, and college students. In your organization it is so important that you and your senior pastor get on the same page when it comes to family ministry. One great tool to make that happen is the Orange Conference and the book Think Orange. Orange gives every senior pastor a framework to understand how the church can impact the family and how we all can work together to accomplish that goal. Thinking Orange also helps kids and student pastors understand how this can work as we partner with our senior leadership. Maybe you should start planning to take your senior leadership to the Orange Conference. Here is a chance to make that happen and go for free. My friend Tom Shefchunas (Coach Shef as many of us call him on twitter!) is giving away from free tickets that would allow you to take your boss to the conference for free. Check it out here! Also if you can't go why not read Think Orange together as a team and process what family ministry might look like in your context. Getting your pastor to think orange will take work but I promise that it is worth it!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Helping families SERVE TOGETHER

This past week we got to see over 1,200 volunteers serve our city in an event we call Operation Serve. We had parents, kids, teens, college students, senior adults, and even high school sports teams come out and serve together for one day and work to make a difference in our community. One of my favorite parts of the days is getting to watch teens and kids serve with their parents. Some work on the same project. Other families divide up and serve at several projects. No matter where they serve, at the end of the day the entire family has worked together to do significant things. When I talk about family ministry this is what I am talking about. Family ministry is nothing more than creating opportunities where the the influence of church and home unite. When parents and teens serve together good things happen. Here are a few reasons why I think creating serve opportunities for families is important.
  • Memories are made when families serve together. > It's so incredible to hear families share stories after they serve together. Some are funny and some are intense but when families make memories around a serve opportunity those memories stick!
  • Spiritual growth happens when families serve together. > This is a fact and we see it year after year. People grow in their faith when they serve. The same truth applies to families. Serving leads to growth.
  • Families find a place to "belong" when they serve. > When families serve together they discover that their family can accomplish significant things together. That truth links families to your church like nothing else.
  • Families influence each other when they serve together. > When we see teens and kids serve it is inspiring. When our kids see us serve they are proud and they see a different side of us. Serving together provides a new arena of influence for our families!
  • After mission experiences families will look to serve together every week in your church. > Every week we see families serve together in different ministries at our church. Many times that started with serve events like Op Serve. Why make families wait, let them serve every Sunday!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Orange Week > bring your team to Orange 2012

There are conferences I hit alone so I can have some time to process and there are others that beg for a team to come. The Orange Conference is one of those that is a great fit for our family ministry team at Grace Community Church. Why do we go as a team? Why should you think about coming to the conference with your team? Here are a few ideas...
  1. Laughter > There is nothing like a road trip to create memories and a lot of laughing. Getting away as a team is good for the soul of the team. Hitting a conference together gives you some time to laugh together. Relationships on a team matter. We work with friends so when we are not laughing things are getting a little too tense.
  2. Dreaming together > When you get away as a team you have time to look ahead and process some big dreams. Every year God has used conferences we have hit to help our team dream bigger dreams.
  3. Immediate processing > There is nothing like immediately hitting lunch or dinner and processing a conference together as a team. Ideas take shape when the team comes together and works through what we learned.
  4. Unity > This is a unique part of Orange. The Orange Conference reminds our team every year of our common strategy. At the heart of Orange is unity and teamwork within the church.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Orange Week > ideas need ammunition

Ideas need ammunition if they are actually going to be able to wage the war it takes to make them become reality. When it came to family ministry...true partnership with home and church...I had tons of ideas but none of them ever were able to move out of our programed / age-based based models until the team at Orange gave me some ammunition. Five years ago I showed up a new conference called "Orange" and what I discovered was a group of next generation leaders trying to rethink ministry from the top down. I witnessed preschool, children, and youth leaders unite for a few days to dream and process what might be possible if we worked together with the same strategy in mind. Five years later I can see those ideas thriving because of the work that the Orange team and leaders across the country did to make them come to life. Our team here at Grace Community have been a part of every Orange Conference and we are headed back again because the conference keeps giving us ammunition to bring home and use as we fight for the hearts of families. Here are some of the key ideas we have walked away from the Orange Conference over the years that have helped our family ministry team...
  • Synchronization around a shared strategy is a powerful force for staff and volunteers.
  • Parents care as much about the spiritual health of their kids as we do.
  • Ministry built around "small group" will thrive.
  • When we staff around our strengths and not titles we set our team up for success.
  • Volunteers need significant things to do if they are to feel significant as they serve.
  • When we fight for the health of families the entire church wins.
  • Preschool, Children, Youth, and College ministry are better when they work together as a team instead of separated silos.
I have to stop because I could write all day. Whatever conference you attend in the coming year make sure you are walking away with ammunition that will help your ideas become reality. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Orange Week > significant relationships from Orange

Registration for Orange Conference 2012 starts this week so make sure you check out the new website and some of the details that have already been released. One of my favorite parts of the Orange Conference flows out of relationships that God has blessed me with over the past four years. I have met so many amazing leaders who are investing in this generations of kids, teens, and college students. Every year I am shocked by how God blesses me with the chance to hear from so many leaders at the conference. There are many relationships that I have now that would have never happened apart from the Orange Conference. Here are 2 guys that have been a huge influence in my life the past few years and we met because of Orange. I hope you will take some time and check these guys out on their blogs and on twitter...

Chad Swanzy [twitter > @chadswanzy website >]
I met Chad at Orange because we were both blogging about the conference and both student pastors. I needed some advice on how small groups for high school students might work and we sat down and processed what he was doing for a few hours. What I discovered about Chad is that he is always trying to rethink how we do student ministry. He asks the right question at the right time. Over the past few years his website has been a very cool gathering spot for youth ministry collaboration. Any time I have had an idea or a question Chad has been there for me. Orange helped make that happen!

Jeremy Zach [twitter > @jeremyzach website >]
I would have never met Jeremy if Orange had not have convinced him to move to the East Coast and live in Atlanta. Jeremy has been an influential blogger processing student ministry for years. Jeremy now works at the Orange office trying to help student pastors around the country "think orange". Jeremy is a constant encouragement to me...his blog is an encouragement...his work at Orange is an encouragement. Jeremy is trying to help student pastors move out of ministry isolation and collaborate with the church as a whole. I consider Jeremy a friend and the Orange Conference helped to make that happen.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Orange Week > leading your team

If you are in ministry then you lead some kind of team and how you lead that team is a great indicator of how effective you will be. I am a leadership junkie because I am always trying to get better at leading. One of my favorite speakers I have ever heard at the Orange Conference is Nancy Ortberg. Two years ago Nancy talked about the power of team. There is nothing more important than leading our team. There is also nothing that frustrates all of us more than leading our team. Why...because we want to make it work and what we find when we lead is HUMANITY which leads to STRUGGLE because none of us are PERFECT! That is the beauty of teamwork. Working with a team leads us to serve, to be vulnerable, to be real if we want progress to happen. Here are some some of the thoughts Nancy had about what people on teams need...

People on a team have to be given opportunities.
  • We have to empower team members opportunities that center around their gifts and strengths not on ONLY what has to be done.
People on a team need challenges
  • Every team will move toward stagnation.
  • Healthy conflict is a needed for the health and vibrancy of the team. 
  • In order to do conflict well you have to give people the chance to get messy with conflict. Conflict management is learned! 
People on a team need an environment of relationships
  • People want and need to be known by their leaders!
  • People have to know us…we have to be open and vulnerable.
  • Relationships lead our churches to be the unstoppable force in the community!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Orange Week > Freeing Volunteers

Volunteers make or break our ministry. So many times we spend hours getting volunteers without having a plan to empower and free them to actually do ministry when they show up. Volunteers want to spend their time doing significant things and we better have a plan. One of the best breakouts I ever went to at the Orange Conference (which you can register for this week!) was one on volunteers led by Tom Shefchunas. Tom (some of you know him as Coach Shef) helped us wrap our minds around creating ministries full of volunteers who are pumped to be there, using their talents, and seeing progress. Many of our ministries simply just have volunteers serving out of obligation. Freeing volunteers means we are actively create a culture where leaders thrive. Freeing your volunteer team is not about changing people it is about changing the culture. Here are some steps Tom gave us to help create that kind of culture...

Resolve yourself that this will take time. >> You don’t see a culture change your realize it has changed, change takes time. Changing a culture takes intentional long term attention and focus!

Get great people in the room. >> organizations have to get the right people on the team, the right people off the team, and the right people in the right seats. Nothing defines your team like the people on your team. A healthy culture can push people to be more! Look for people with time (willing to give their time), mature faith, and character.

Decide this is not your ministry >> Leadership is a stewardship and I am just leading once small part of it. We often build our ministry around our personality with no other foundation of a volunteer team. Not a good idea. Will my ministry outlast my time leading it? We have to empower team to the point when we leave it moves forward with strength!

Simplify your strategy and define the volunteer’s job and role. >> If you want your leaders to feel like they are important give them something important to do.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Orange Week, Sept. 19-23

The coming week is a big week...registration for The Orange Conference 2012 opens up and we hope you will jump in and join us in Atlanta. Another reason I am excited about next week is that a bunch of my friends are going to be writing about Orange on their blogs. Hope you will check it out during the week. Here is a list of the bloggers who will be writing...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ed's story

Overwhelmed by the amazing day from the Story Conference today. The passion, the thought, the ideas, and the dreams that come from this conference are mind boggling. If you follow my blog you know that when I am at a conference I write...I write alot. Today I was able to sit back, listen, learn, and be inspired by many creative people. I am struggling to put it all in perspective but if you want to see how my mind was working just check out my twitter feed from the day. God used one presenter in an incredible way in my life today and that was Ed Dodson. Ed found out 10 years ago he had ALS and was given a short time to live. Ten years later God is still using Ed to convey a message of redemption and hope. Ed said two things that I wanted to post tonight and you may have read them on my Facebook or twitter feed but I can't get them out of my mind. Ed said...

When you live in fear everything is overwhelming.

Relationship is way more important than who is right and who is wrong.

In life, fear and relationships shape us so much. I was reminded to live life one day at a time. I was reminded to not allow fear to shape my choices but rather hope and love. I saw once again that people matter to God. How I relate to others matters and says much about the person I am and the God I follow. If you have never heard Ed's story take 10 minutes and allow his story to shape who you are today...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Blogging from the Story Conference

This week is all about setting time aside to process, think, and dream about what is possible. Tuesday I had the chance to connect with friends and think about family ministry at the Orange Tour and Thursday and Friday I will be at the Story Conference. STORY is a gathering of creatives that get together for a few days to rethink what it looks like to share the story of Christ and process how we can create environments that advance that mission. This conference brings together an amazing group of people that create on a weekly basis in churches across the country. As an environment creator myself I am refueled in this kind of gathering. For the next few days I will be blogging from the conference so check back here for updates and make sure you look at the STORY website. It is amazing.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Asking the right questions about our volunteers

Loved having the chance to hear Sue Miller (former Kids Ministry director at Willow Creek) talk about volunteers. Sue remined us that very few volunteers leave our team because they hate "being with kids or teens." With volunteers most of them quit because the environment sets them up to fail, they feel unwelcomed, or they lack needed support. Sue gave us some questions to ask when we think about the volunteers we lead. When we recruit and when think about our volunteer teams we need to ask these questions…


Are our expectations clear?
Is this a place or role I would want to have?
Are we giving our volunteers the needed support week in and week out?
What is the history and reputation of the ministry I lead?
Are we improving?
Is there an atmosphere of team around volunteers?


Are we casting a big challenging vision for leaders to join?
Is our mission compelling?
Are we being clear with our purpose?
Are we recruiting to a vision or a need?
Are we making a personal ask?


Are we following up with volunteers?
Are we providing proper training?
Are we actually empowering, mentoring, and encouraging volunteers?
Are we setting them up to win each week?
Are we helping them connect to a family not a task?
Are we helping volunteers process and deal with conflict?


Are we making sure volunteers know the value of their role?
Are we thanking volunteers consistently?
Are we celebrating "wins" with volunteers?
Are we protecting the time of the volunteer?
Are we challenging volunteers to take the next step they need to take?

moving targets

When you serve kids, teens and college students you are serving moving targets. They are in constant motion. Their outlook is constantly changing. They influences are consistently morphing. This generation and all that will come ahead of us are moving targets. How do we know we are getting through to them? How do we know we are communicating what is most important? These are questions those of us who are thinking Orange are constantly asking because we are trying help preschoolers, children, teens, and college students to become fully devoted followers of Christ. Today at the Orange Tour we processed the idea of focusing our message so we are communicating what matters most to this generation. We are trying to move this generation in a specific direction. We are trying to incite wonder, push for self discovery, and fuel authentic passion . Check out what this looks like and process this idea...are you helping the moving targets you serve hit the right target as they grow in their faith?

Incite Wonder / design (we are intentional) Identity (you were made in the image of God) Connection (the God of the universe wants a relationship with me)

Self Discovery / faith (relationship with Jesus) Transformation (tension that we are in process, we have not arrived) Truth (God has given truth and it can be a compass)

Fuel Passion / The Cross (Jesus gave himself for others, we do the same) Community (we are connected, we are a family and we are connected) Compassion (others!) Restoration (we can be a part of the solution)

What would happen if our ministries helped the moving targets we lead embrace these truths?

Integrated Strategy / getting on the same page

Strategy is such a cool word but really strategy is a very simple concept. Strategy is nothing more than a plan with the end in mind. The question I hope you will think about this morning is what would happen if your preschool, children, youth, and college leaders synchronized their strategy? Sure I know every team will have different methods but what if we linked arms with a strategy that would help us all move the next generation toward the same destination? When we all have our own plan, our own strategy, our own global direction, then we take families in different directions in every stage of life. When leaders collaborate they help move families in the same direction. This is hard work and I already know some of the immediate resistance you have but check out these ideas that Reggie Joiner helped us process at the Orange Tour today…

When you integrate strategy it simplifies everyone’s focus.

When you integrate strategy you synchronize everyone’s effort

When you integrate strategy you get to celebrate as a team.

When you integrate strategy you enhance everyone’s capacity. 

All of these statements are so intense that I am not even going to comment. These are things that we dream about and I now can say that they are possible because our team at Grace Community did the hard work of synchronizing. When you take the time and synchronize your strategy these statements are possible for your church. I know it is different but trust me integrated strategy is possible.

blogging from the Orange Tour today

Excited about spending the day here at the Orange Tour with some of our Grace Community Church team thinking Orange. I will be blogging and tweeting and thinking out load through the day so check back here for a few updates. More importantly I hope you will check out the upcoming Orange Tour dates and see if the team is stopping at a location near you. I look around the room today and I see hundreds of amazing leaders dreaming about how to do ministry BETTER. This is a great event to bring you team to. Check out the dates! Look for a few posts from the tour later today.

Monday, September 12, 2011

responding to lost momentum

If you lead a ministry then you face challenge on a regular basis. There are always problems to work on and things to improve. There are also times when you feel like you are losing momentum and maybe even moving backwards. That's a terrible feeling that we have all experienced at some point in our leadership journey. I had the chance to hear Phil Fulmer (former coach at the University of Tennessee) speak last year and he talked about how he responded to losing. Coach Fulmer said that when the team lost he wanted to be the first person back in the office to map out the plan for the next week, to address what caused the loss, and to mentally work through the loss so he could be ready to lead the team in a new direction. In ministry our losses look different but we can learn from the idea of being the first one "back in the office." Our volunteers know when we are not making progress and they need direction from us when momentum is lagging. When we are losing momentum our team needs...
  • Extra time // when your team is losing momentum you need extra time to work, to pray, to process, to plan. Times of struggle are not the time to hide and run from the issues. Make sure your clear your calendar so you can focus on what matters most during this season.
  • Forward thinking // lost momentum can drag us into focusing on the past...what you need now are ideas that will shape the future not recreate the past. If momentum is to be gained then we have look ahead...what is next.
  • Clear communication // our role as team is leader to help define reality. In times of struggle make sure you are communicating clearly and frequently with your team.
  • Change // usually lost momentum indicates changes need to be made. Have the courage to change what needs to be changed for the health of the team and organization. When our "wins" are clearly defined then our methods are flexible. Change inspires growth.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Today has been a day to look back and remember those who sacrificed so much on 9-11-01 ten years ago. I find myself just being thankful for all those who stand in the gap in this fight to protect our nation. I'm so blessed to know so many incredible people who serve as soldiers, firemen, police officers, and first responders. For ten years so many have worked together to make sure and seek justice and fight this war on terror. Thanks for what you do. Thanks for making our country a safer place for my daughters to grow up in. Today we did a simple interview with a group of guys I am honored to call friends who serve in the military. Two of these guys are in my community group so hearing them share today was so incredible. Hear a little of their story...

Grace's 9-11 Tribute from Gcomchurch Sermons on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

VOLUNTEERS need significant things

Every volunteer on our team needs to be doing significant things. Volunteers need to know what what they do matters and if they are not on our team they will be missed. Our family ministry team is on a mission right now to empower our volunteers like never before. We believe that every volunteer that buys into our mission is helping to advance the kingdom of God. We believe that kids and teens need loving adult mentors in their lives. We believe that people grow the most spiritually when they serve. Because of that we are trying to make sure every volunteer on our team is doing significant things by...
  • Elevating team leaders // We are trying to empower more volunteers to function like staff on our team. We have even asked some people to step into new roles who did not because it seemed like to big a role for them right now. High impact volunteers need high impact roles! We are elevating many volunteers into new roles of leadership and I am so grateful for each of them.
  • Communicating clear expectations // This has been big this year. We have tried to communicate clearly what we expect of every volunteer so they know how to succeed. Volunteers have to know what we need from them...they need the win defined for their role.
  • Adding, adding, then adding some more // We want to add more volunteers than ever before. What we are learning is that we have to recruit, train, and then recruit some more. In a growing community like ours you can never have enough volunteer power. We have learned that we simly need more volunteers if we are going to be better at what we do.
  • Listening and improving // We want our volunteers to be shaping our environments and tweaking our methods. Yep, volunteers have some amazing ideas if we will just listen and then improve.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Senior Pastors...this is what your Student Pastor needs from you!

Yesterday I talked about what senior pastors need from student pastors. If you are a student pastor and you want a healthy relationship with your senior pastor then you have to be willing to fight for it, to make it a priority. There are also some basic things that student pastors need from their senior leadership. If you are out there fighting for a healthy relationship with your pastor and you don't see these in return then you will probably be looking for a new church soon. Senior pastors, here is what your student pastor needs from you...(these are in no specific order)
  • Public Support // This is priceless for your student pastor because youth ministry is always going to stretch many people in authority. When senior leadership stands in the gap publicly for youth ministry then many other people join he cause. Youth ministry is messy when we are reaching students not just building a club for church kids. Pastor, your youth pastor needs your support.
  • Funding and Space // Your student pastor needs proper space and funding to reach teens in your community. When a senior pastor makes next generation ministries a budget and facility priority the student pastor is free to dream big and reach teens. If teens are a priority for your church then make sure it reflects in the budget. In a portable environment people ask how we have been able to reach teens...our pastors have made it a priority and given us the proper tools.
  • Encouragement // Many times youth pastors only hear from other staff when something is messed up or broken. Student pastors need the mentoring and encouragement of their senior pastor. When senior leadership encourages and invests in their staff then the staff feel a part of the mission of the church as a whole. Senior pastors need to seize the opportunity to be a mentoring voice in the life of their youth staff!
  • Leadership // Student pastors long to be a part of a bigger mission than just building a "youth program." Youth pastors want to be led and be a part of the mission of the church. Senior pastors...lead strong, dream big and I promise your student pastor will be ready to push that dream with you.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hey student pastor...this is what your senior pastor needs!

Head to any conference, listen to conversations around you, and you will soon discover that tons of senior pastors and student pastors have chaotic relationships. Sure they love each other and need each other but they often find themselves butting heads. Yes...I'm a student pastor. Yes...I have had my share of bad days with my senior pastors. I now work with 2 of the best senior leaders in the country (love ya Ron and Chad) and there are days I drive them crazy and they drive me up a wall. It's very simple and every student pastor needs to here this...THAT'S NORMAL. Leaders who work as a team are going to rub each other wrong occasionally because they are leaders. Leaders always think their way works. That's why we lead. With that said, there are some thing your senior pastor needs from you. If you want a healthy relationship with your senior pastor you are going to have to work at it just like any other healthy relationship. Your senior pastor needs...
  • Public Loyalty // Your pastor needs to know you can be trusted. Andy Stanley says that maintaining loyalty in public leads to greater leverage in private. Your senior pastor needs to know that when things are not going well you have their back!
  • Commitment to the Church // Your senior pastor needs to know you are for the church not just the ministry you lead. As we fight for the health of the church our senior pastor can fight to advance the student ministry we lead. This is a partnership!
  • Vision and Passion // Our senior pastors need us to lead and lead strong. When our senior leaders see us succeed they have the freedom to empower us and let us do our jobs. Our senior leaders have enough on their minds without having to worry about the direction of the student ministry. Lead, reach teens, partner with parents, and make disciples and your senior pastor will have tons to celebrate.
  • Information // This is critical. Keep your senior pastor in the loop. Let them know where you are headed. Share your victories and your struggles. I have never met a senior pastor who enjoys being surprised with info they did not know. Keep them in the loop.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Breaking free from failure

This week I had the chance to speak at Grace Community as we started our series called Free. Sunday we checked out how we can break free from failure and looked at how Jesus helped Peter move forward after failure in John 21:15-19. Jesus stepped into an awkward moment with Peter and helped him understand that his failure couldn't be allowed to define his future. The same is true in our own lives...failure can never be allowed to define our future. Here is the video from Sunday...

Breaking free from failure from Gcomchurch Sermons on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Check out the Orange Tour this year

One of my favorite weeks of the year is the Orange Conference in April. This fall a one day version of the Orange Conference is coming to a city near you and it is called the Orange Tour. The tour is a great way to set aside time for your team (staff and volunteers) to get away and think orange for a day while staying close to home. In our busy schedules we have to make time to think and dream. This is a great way to set aside some time to look forward and process what is next for your ministry. Some of our family ministry team will be at the Nashville stop and we hope to see many of you there. Now is the time to get is the time to make plans...if you are hesitant check out this video and see what the Orange Tour experience is all about!