Tuesday, December 26, 2006

To 10 (go Vince White) list for Christmas...

Hello from Shelbyville...it has been a great Christmas with thew family here. we have had to battle kids having colds and fevers and all that stuff but it has been a great week. We just had our last get together with family tonight and it went great. Kids had a blast and Chelsea's grandmother loved her gift. it was so cool to see her open it. Both our grandparents are in their 70s so we really want to cherish each holiday we have with them and make sure our kids get to connect with their great grandparents. We praise God for another year of health, that gift is not guaranteed. We head for home soon, looking forward to sleeping in my own bed for sure but It has been sweet to breath TN air (and watch the Titans play Sunday) well here it goes, this is my top 10 list for Christmas in 2006...

10. Watching the Titans beat Buffalo Sunday on my step dads bid screen (sweet)
9. Enjoying a rainy instead of white Christmas (Koz says real Christmas involved snow)
8. Getting my Vince WHITE Jersey! Go # 10
7. Watching kelyn shake her head no at family -it is so funny - right now at the age of 8 months
6. Seeing kelyn want her DAD to rock her and hold her over grandparents....PRICELESS!
5. Watching the Kids open gifts Christmas morning, they were pumped
4. Seeing Koz love her new digital camera for kids, she loves it
3. Going to church with our family Sunday morning...it is all about Jesus!
2. Getting my Vince White jersey GO # 10
1. Watching Koz run to the tree to make sure Santa ate the cookies...

It was all cool - God has been good to us in 2006 and we can not wait to see what adventures come in 2007.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas in 6 days...

when you have 2 little girls in the house you can never forget when Christmas is coming. We have 6 days left and Koz reminds me everyday that Christmas is coming...that is the birthday of Jesus...that Santa is bringing presents...that she has presents to give to her cousins...that we will be in TN in just a few days. It is all so real and uncluttered to her. it is so clear all the fun of Christmas. it is exciting for her to think an dream about all that is possible. She gets gifts and the wonder of God sending Jesus and that she gives to others.

It gets harder to think like this the older you get. It is like the magic of the season gets sucked out by shopping, getting stuff for people you really do not want to buy for, partis you sometimes do not want to go to, food that must be cooked for all those parties. For us as adults the entire holiday just gets faster and faster. For me the race ended today with my last lunch party. YEA - the HOLIDAY CAN BEGIN! Most of the shopping is done an we are ready to just enjoy. Man it is good to rest, it is good to worship my savior for bringing peace into a violent world. It is good to just look into the excited face of my child and get excited for her, to play along with the dream of Santa and just have fun. Here we go - ALL OVER THE AGE OF 16 - slow down and have fun like a kid again. Put all your perfect answers for life aside and marvel at the virgin birth, the Shepperd's worshipping Jesus and the fun of giving not just giving. Right now my wife is making the best gift of all for our 70 something grandparents - it is a scrap book covering Christmas for the past 15 years in her family - that is a gift we will love giving. Amazing is it not.

My final thought until after Christmas is that is it not amazing that just as soon as God sent Christ to be born the Violence of man and Satan sought to kill the savior through the command of Herod...AMAZING the Prince of Peace was born in the middle of violence. Is God not incredible. HE WINS!

Off to passion 2007 in just a few days - taking 12 seniors in High School - man I am stoked!

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

rules of the blog - I found 2!

Well, I just told a bunch of people I have this and it is amazing to think that I write this stuff on this page for anyone to see so I am now making a rule for myself with this...

1. do not write anything that I would not want everyone to see (now or in the future!)

It is so funny - God sees our life just like an open blog, the only difference is that we have no control to hide anything from Him. He knows us, He knows what we think, He knows what I hide. He knows me but still loves me. That is so sweet. With that said - you do not get to see all I think so I will try to stick to my one rule with this.

I will vent, I will think, I will update, but I will also be careful. Here is another rule for myself...

2. I will not blog when mad

I think that will do it. We will see what happens. I am stoked about church in the morning. Our High School Ministry is presenting a drama and leading in worship on the Sunday before Christmas. That is so incredible. I really think God will use it. This presentation is on another level for sure. Go God!

Friday, December 15, 2006

The Fray is sold out...

Ok, so I am stoked that I am gonna go see The Fray and Mute Math on January 18 all until I called to order tickets for Brandon and I today and the woman told me on the phone with her computer voice (and she had a name...Ticketmaster has given the computer voice a name...that is crazy) THEY ARE SOLD out.

I am over my sadness , went to a Christmas party for the Chesapeake Campus, went home and thought since I am new to this Blog thing - this might be something to write about. I hate missing tickets...

By the way The Fray and Mute math - great bands...go right now and buy their stuff on Itunes, yes and I love itunes!

the first BLOG..."not on myspace"

Well - I have crossed a line, I have started something that I am not at all sure I will be able to keep it up or when I have time to do this but here it is. I am not event sure why others would want to read my ramblings. I have been keeping up with some of my peeps the past few years with these things and I thought why not role with one of my own. I really do not have a ton to say but oh well - if you want to read read, if not just do not worry about it. I will try to be careful about venting too much but we will see...

Really I am trying to live out this verse...
No, Oh People, the Lord has already told you what is good, and this is what he requires; to do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8 NLT

oh yea - Brandon...if you read this...DONK!