Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jon & Kate...what do you think?

Ok, I admit it, I watch Jon and Kate Plus 8. I know it is sad but those kids rock. Jon and Kate are not "rocking" so much right now. Chelsea and I just watched the season opener and feel so bad for both both of them. The family has everything they could want in life except a healthy marriage. Was it just me or is this one huge train wreck? Lets face it, marriage is hard work. This marriage is in front of America to watch. This is reality and please hear me...REALITY SUCKS! I hate this is so normal in our culture. I hope Jon and Kate will fight to keep their marriage over this stupid show. What do you think? How did you react to the show? Here are my top five thoughts after watching the season opener...
  1. Jon looks miserable! So much to that statement but he just looks miserable!
  2. You could see that the older girls know something is wrong. The whole, "the kids help all the time now" reveals that life in that house is pretty rough right now. The older girls just want to help make things better.
  3. Jon and Kate are making statements that are typical divorce statements. If you or your spouse are talking like they are talking your marriage is in trouble.
  4. Who are Jon and Kate's REAL FRIENDS? Do they have any? Where is their church community in all of this? WOW!
  5. They both said..."I am for the kids!" Great, big whoopee! Those 2 need to be all about their marriage if they want to be all about the kids. Want to help your kids...love and treasure your wife JON! Come on!
I am done, needed to vent! What did you think about the season opener?


  1. I agree, Michael! I'd really love to see them work with all their hearts to make it work. I can't imagine 8 little ones without both Mommy and Daddy lovingly together. Rather than try to figure out whose to blame or cast judgement they need our prayers. May God Bless them and keep them close.

  2. couldn't have said it better myself! although, of course i couldn't have because i'm terrible at expressing my thoughts.
    in short, i agree!

  3. At the end of the last season Jon said that he didn't want to continue with the show! Kate on the other hand wanted to keep going she said that she loves what she does!
    In my opinion,and I have met her, she seems like she is willing to give up her hubby, her marriage, her friends and extended family for the fame and MONEY! She has another book coming out soon called "Love in the Mix" WOW!How about that!
    Jon seems like he wants to go back to being a regular family and being together. Kate travels all of the time! It has to be hard on him when Kate is willing to let the MONEY ruin their marriage and family! Remember the love of MONEY is the root of all evil! People will do things that they wouldn't have done before when they get the love of money. Kate didn't grow up with anything like all of the free trips, big house, nice clothes etc.
    She has lost herself!
    If you have watched from the beginning, she is not the same Kate! I feel so sorry for the kids! And like you said Michael they both said they are there for their kids, never once did either one say that they were for their spouse or marriage! SO SAD!

  4. I haven't watched the new one yet, but I feel bad for them. All of them. As much as I love watching the show I wish they would go off air, even if just for a season, and work on their family. Then they can re-evaluate what they need to be doing. It has to be hard...

  5. I haven't seen the show, although I feel like I have because I follow the entertainment news. Its funny the perspective differences people have. I agree with what you have said, although I spoke with a lady yesterday who, instead of saying "pay attention to your wife Jon!", is completely frustrated with the way Kate is apparently treating Jon? I don't know. They both need an intervention.

    Welcome to reality.

    --Terrace Crawford