Saturday, June 30, 2007

last week - camp cherokee...

no pic for the post yet but I got back on Friday from a week at Camp Cherokee...somewhere in the mountains,outside of Ocoee TN. (thanks to Michael Higdona dn Jeremy Bullock for leading at our student gathering!) Brainerd baptist held their student camp there and I spoke in the morning and evening worship times. This was my third time with Brainerd. I had done the morning sessions only 2 times and this was my first year to speak at night also. It was so sweet to see kids that I had been to camp as middle schoolers now in high school. So many og them had matured into leaders. There were a group of kids there really new to the church thing and many of then became followers of Christ. A ton of kids really connected with God. That is what is wild about speaking for a week to students. They are so open to truth, they are hungry for truth, they are ready for it and when they embrace God's truth and change begins. Josh Wilson lead worship for us, GREAT guy that I would love to lead with again. he and his band hit a home run. Josh is putting out a new album in 2008 with Sparrow records so look out for that. it is gonna be great. Josh will be coming to remix this to lead worship for our students and then we will hold a concert after our gathering open to teens and Austin Peay for sure! I am stoked about our students being around this guy.

Nataniel Edmonson went to camp to run media shout and just serve, we had a great time (CANTEEN!!!!) He will get that. It was great to hang out with him during the week, he was great support and we had great times laughing the entire time. I needed while speaking two times a day. That is draining for sure.

I am so stoked, this week Daniel Doss is recording for his new album. We are so stoked at grace and are already singing one of the new songs that will be on the album (maybe). I am also stoked because Michael Higdon will be leading the service on Sunday. We hired Michael about a month ago and he has been a blessing. Michael and Daniel lead the worship ministry at Grace together and they are doing an incredible job, it is wild to see them work together. Back to Daniel, you will not believe how great the new stuff sounds, I can not wait for the cd to release. it may launch early on itunes so GEt ready!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

just an update! not sure what to say...

I started this thing thinking I needed to journal a little better, put some thoughts down, think out loud. Well, I have not had much I have wanted to blog about. This is just a random collection of my thoughts and reflections on life in general. Not sure why everything has to be serious? People tell me about these blogs where people complain and gripe and vent...well not sure the web is where that is best for but that is just not for me.

It has been exciting to think through Family Ministry, yes my title is director of family ministry. I am just now, a month in figuring out some of what I am going to be doing here. Family Ministry is not an add on position to add busyness to the church. It is not adding a parenting conference, or a fall festival for the family. We define Family MInistry as a process by which all of our ministry enviroments work together to lead kids and teens to be come fully devoted followers of Christ and in turn partner with parents to accomplish this goal. I am figuring out that my ministry is to equip families to help the home become the #1 spiritual influence for Christ. Parents long for this they just need help knowing what to do. Our team is thinking through how we are gonna do this at Grace Community. it is a fun time at work for sure!

At home we are getting there with getting the house painted, carpet ordered, and all that stuff. it is all coming together but right now we are in that phase of always working on something at home. When do we get DONE? not sure yet but I thinking PAINTING PARTY! We will see...

Saturday, June 16, 2007

happy fathers day, birthday, kwanza to me!

well, it happened, it really happened, my family walked into sams and went over and looked at the 42 inch Vizio and I loaded it on a cart and took it to the register and allowed the lady at the register to charge my MasterCard for it and I actually got to take it home...this was no dream, Michael just got his first high def TV. I am amazed, I can not believe this is really mine. I brought i home and slapped it up above the fireplace on the mantle in our living room and just stood there looking at it. WOW! Thanks to my girls for the sweet gift, thanks to the people who bought my house in Chesapeake, you paid for my TV! HA! Thanks to all the little people, just always wanted to say that. Little like Kelyn!

I declare a national holiday on Sept. 8 when UT plays California on high def ESPN! MY HOUSE WILL BE ROCKING! the entire nation of Denmark is invited, no one else, just people from Denmark.

Happy fathers day to all those out there who are fathers. This year I get more than a gift card or tie. YEA to this year, the year of Jubilee!

Later - MB

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Back from Bigstuf 07...

We made it back on Wednesday night and it was an incredible week of connecting with students. God really worked in many of our hearts and revealed Himself to us each day. Year one for me at Bigstuf and I am impressed. Just wanted to post this pic from the beach up! I will have some more up on facebook...When we left for camp many of our students the had come knowing NO ONE and we left a connected group, it was amazing! That is a win...

We launch our summer gathering this Sunday night at 6 PM at St. Marys - will have our recap video ready that night. It will be sweet, I am a prophet!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

update from bigstuf...

I could not help but give you my view right as I type. This is what i am looking at, this is my view, God's Creation wide open, for all to bask in. One thing that makes this camp and this flow at Bigstuf work is where we are at. I have found no other place like the beach to connect with the beauty of God's creation. There is something about looking over all that water and those waves and being in awe of God's power to do all of this, to make this earth work. To create it all but still have time and love little me. Last night and this morning Louie Giglio spoke and man God used both messages. Last night one of our girls got the cross for the first time and accepted Christ as Savior. Our adults have had so many great opportunities to sit and talk with kids. I have watched my middle school guys open a little more up each time our small group gathers at night. I have watched our kids have "fun" being here and being with each other. God has moved in our hearts and allowed our students and adults to connect. Monday night we took all our guys and took over a waffle house, last night the girls went to Sonic and ten WALMART of all places to hang out. Both times we were all out way to late but man was it fun, it was an experience, it was a little mini adventure and the kids got to share it with their adult leaders - amazing. I guess I am trying to get out the idea that being together has been the best element of thing we call camp. My prayer is that we never loose this dynamic, being together has been the goal, worshipping together, celebrating together - our adult team has just been along for the ride doing camp right beside the kids. AMAZING...MY prayer for our group is that we will just get better and allowing Jesus to be a part of our everyday average lives MORE each day. Something happens when Jesus steps in the ordinary routine of our lives - Jesus always takes it to the next level. We pray our kids would not go home trying to be someone different, we just hope they will be who God made them to be...unique, wonderful, loved by God, themselves! (just changed because they have been with Jesus)

I am missing my girls, they have been with grandparents and I ma ready to give some hugs and kisses to my girls. I have found myself simply looking at their picture on my cell phone in wonder of how could God give such incredible girls. They are so young, I know God has huge plans for them I a stoked I get to be Daddy! Chelsea once again has spent the week investing in teens, it is wild to see her go. There is something different this time, in both of our lives we know we have found a home, a place we fit, a place where we can be honest about our dreams of what church can be. That place is Grace Community - it changes how we connect, we connect knowing we belong, knowing we are in the center of God's will, we minister with an attitude of trust that our God is with us in this adventure. It is just weird to feel so at home in ministry. We go back to a church that makes sense from top to bottom. We are free from heading back in wonder of why church has to be ________ you fill in the blank because our questions changed every year. It is sweet to be in a community that is so passionate about loving God and loving people. WOW - it is wil!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

we made it to BIGSTUF...

We made it to camp today, 11 hours, a bunch of caffeine, and a ton of stops we made it to Panama City and Bigstuf camp. What an incredible place! It was a powerful night for our students to connect, to worship, to just be with God. Chelsea and I are so thrilled to begin this adventure with this group of students and leaders. God has a special plan for this ministry and we are just along for the ride. Our girls are with my mom but we do miss them. It is fun to see Chelsea just be able to focus on getting to know kids since she can trust the kids are having FUN and getting all they want in Shelbyville with the grandparents. Cannot wait to write about what God does this week. His work is the BIGSTUF we celebrate!