Monday, May 11, 2009

quick hit MONDAY

  • The final Cross Street LIVE of the spring is this Sunday night. Our team is getting ready for one HUGE finish to the season. GCC families, book it and be there.
  • We had an amazing Sunday at GCC. So proud of the team, more on that here on the blog later this week.
  • We have 4 open spots for High School and Middle School camp this summer. YES Bigstuf and Student Life camp are both amazing and we can not wait to invest in these kids.
  • Final week of REMIX, praying hard for a great final week with this group of students.
  • In other YOUTH MINISTRY NEWS...our local network of student pastors is planning a huge week for 2010 for Clarksville. I am really excited.
  • Really cool to be able to say this...OUR WEEKLY GATHERING AND SMALL GROUPS DRIVE RELEVANT STUDENT MINISTRY, not events! That is fun to say! That is what we are going for.
  • Really proud of our creative team here at GCC. The services in this series have been GREAT.
  • Chelsea and I just dumped our home phone service! We are a cell family. We really do not ever use the home phone. All we need are cell phones, Internet, and TV, we are working on a plan that works for us.
  • Loving twitter, if you are on there let me know at
  • My dad is on twitter, MY DAD IS COOL...Yea!
  • Kozbi learned to ride a bike this weekend, WOW! It is very cool to see her go for it!
  • Koz also experienced her first FIELD DAY...the best day of the year in elementary school!
  • This weekend we are taking our girls on a birthday trip to Atlanta for the American Girl doll store, the BRAVES!, and the zoo. Should be fun.

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