Thursday, September 6, 2012

reactivating the family in student ministry

Had the chance to do my first Google Hangout with Jeremy Zach and Andy Broad this morning to talk about the process of reactivating the family within the context of student ministry. At some pint we have to step back as student pastors and understand that our mission has to include partnering with the family...being for them...letting our guard down and inviting them to work with us. In this hangout we talk about some practical ways we are trying to reactivate the family in the student ministries we lead. Jeremy is on the XP3 team at Orange and Andy is the student pastor at Eastern Hills Church in Buffalo, NY. The hangout is around 15 minutes and I would love to hear some ways you are working to partner with families in your student ministry...


  1. Loved the Hangout. Well done. One negative. Since I gave up sodas a few months ago, specifically Diet Mt. Dew, you really tempted me with that Diet Dew chug at the beginning. Luckily I was sitting in a Caribou where my only options for drink were coffee, tea or water.

    On a serious note. I love the way this was done. It was good stuff and short enough to use with our staff and volunteer leaders.

    We'll be using it at our next team meeting. I mean we'd be crazy to not use a resource from the "two greatest youth pastors in America." Right?

    One of the ways we partner with parents is through what we call "All Hands on Deck" events. We try to do at least one event a year that requires everyone in the church to show up and serve. We encourage families to serve together and then try to debrief that across our age groups.

    Last year we had some tremendous success when we took four families (parents and middle/high school students on an oversees missions trip. It was a first for us and we're still seeing the benefits in those families.

    Thanks for posting this Michael. Great resource.

    1. Love the ALL HANNDS ON DECK and mission trip ideas, great thoughts. Thanks for sharing!

  2. that you can tape G+ hangouts. Great idea. Great conversation you guys are having.

  3. Andy and Jeremy are both men i consider friends of mine... Great sharp YM guys... Love the stuff, great picks...