Tuesday, February 1, 2011

more conversation

The bigger your team becomes (staff or volunteer) the more need you will have to block out time for simple conversation. I am learning that most of my Monday has to be dedicated to sitting down with people and processing what is coming for the week, month, or year. I am also finding that most of the time people respond better and think clearer in one on one settings verses an all staff setting. There seems to be less a need to impress or to worry what others in the room are thinking about an idea. The one on one nature of conversation spurs progress. Sure there is a time for formal meeting but I think if you lead a team you better block out time to slow down and talk, to listen, to step in someone else space and ask how they are doing. Conversation breeds trust, relationship, and connection. Conversation says I care about what is going on in your world. Conversation says I want to hear your ideas. Time spent with your team is not wasted time, it is leadership development. Make sure you are making time to "just talk" with your team.


  1. "Conversation says I care about what is going on in your world...I want to hear your ideas." Golden, Michael. You hit it on the head.

    You're a great team leader.

  2. i agree with Ben.. great one on one time is invaluable.. i would even say it increases the productivity of the staff setting. people tend to feel more at ease to share ideas when those ideas have been talked through in the one on one level. They feel less raw.

    at least that is what i have noticed where i am.. Great post bro..