Thursday, January 6, 2011


What I love about the beginning of a new year is hope! The new year is a time to rethink, plan, and embrace hope for a new year. I personally am kind of addicted to hope. I become a pretty miserable person when I lose hope. I also become a miserable leader when I have no hope. For those of us who lead a ministry, a small group, family, business or volunteer team we have to be persistent in our search for hope. With our God there is always hope, we are the ones who lose sight of what is possible. We tend to give up on people, dreams, and sometimes even God as He doesn't respond to circumstances as we think He should. Maybe as we start 2011 off it's time to step back and do a hope check...look around for the hope that surrounds you. We easily get so locked in on our current problems and circumstances that hope can be hard to find. Look around for hope. Embrace hope. You might have to make some new plans but I promise a leader with hope is a better leader.


  1. Very well said. I really needed this reminded today. Thanks for what you do through this blog.

  2. and I hate that when I comment it doesnt just say my name but shows the web address, hope its not coming off as arrogant or looking for hits, it just keeps doing it.