Thursday, December 16, 2010

What's next for YOUTH MNISTRY?

What's next for YOUTH MINISTRY is a question I think about because I am always asking what is next for the our youth ministry here at Grace Community Church. If you hope to invest in teens (not just the teens that come to your church) then you better be asking that question often. The other factor that makes this process more difficult for us is that we are asking the same question for our church as a whole. How can our church be a place where teens are a integral part of everything we do not just  an age group we provide a ministry or service for. One thing I know for sure is that God is advancing His Kingdom through youth ministries all across the country. Sure you may read articles about terrible statistics or declining churches but God is doing just fine accomplishing His mission. One of the amazing shifts I see God birthing is moving youth ministry from simply being church centered to city centered. What I mean is that we are seeing churches partner in order to create youth ministries that will reach kids from all kinds of backgrounds and them point them back to the local churches that are partnered together. Here at Relevant Student Ministry we are one of those type ministries who is trying to think about our city as much as we focus on building our churches. We are two churches partnering to create one youth ministry that serves the city. Why? We believe that every teen in our city deserves a next level student ministry regardless of their church denomination, family, or background. In both our locations we have teens that come from all kinds of backgrounds. Some go to our churches and some don't. That's fine. I really believe this is what the next phase of youth ministry looks like here in the United States. The team at Youth Specialties found this group of churches partnering together to serve their city. Check this out, be inspired, think about what this could look like in your city...

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