Monday, November 9, 2009

Why we do events? (should I say why just a few events)

If you are a student ministry and you do events you probably need to know why you do them. When we launched relevant three years ago we had to think hard about what events we would do as a ministry and why we would do them. We did not have a ton of students coming and we really did not have a big budget. We decided that we would put all our resources into a few high impact events a year. Three years later we know we made the right call. We use events to help us take relationships in our small groups to the next level. The shared experience and spiritual growth of a small group over a week at camp or a 3 day retreat is huge. At the same time the bulk of impact and focus is given to our weekly experience at our student gathering. Build your ministry on events and you will build a shallow ministry built on buzz. Life change comes through investing in students week to week not event to event. Just so you know we do a fall retreat, spring retreat, summer camp, and high school mission trip...THAT IS IT! We do all of those with excellence but our passion is about the week to week ministry at REMIX. We just finished our fall retreat so here are some pics from the weekend...

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