Tuesday, June 30, 2009

CONNECT events this week @ relevant

Our interns here at relevant student ministry are doing an amazing job this summer. One of the things I look for with staff and interns is self motivation. I love people who take action and will lead. I would rather have to slow someone down than push for passion. (Honestly I am to the point I just think people who have to be pushed to work hard or be creative need to find another place to work other than the church BUT that is another post for another day) I so proud of the work that Nate and Lauren have put in this summer doing ministry in this season and helping us get ready for Fall 2009. This summer the interns are hosting connect events. These are just simple events for teens to gather and hang out. They are all about CONNECTING and that is why we called them connect events. Tonight some of our middle school students are playing Laser Tag and Thursday we are having a cookout for some High School students. Nate made this video to help spread the word (his idea, I never asked him to do this he just made it on his own.) check this video out...

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