Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Top 25 Youth Ministry Blogs of 2012

My friends over at the Youth Cartel just released a great list of the top 25 youth ministry blogs. As I read the list I saw some new blogs I want to check out and some others that have been amazing resources for me over the years. You can go over to the Youth Cartel Blog and read how they came up with this list here. I wanted to share the list because following a few blogs you trust is a great way to widen your perspective and gain some new ideas for the ministry you lead. Here we go...your top 25 blogs of 2012!

2012 RankNameURL2011 Rank
1Josh Griffin
2Doug Fieldshttp://dougfields.com7
3Mark Oestreicherhttp://whyismarko.com2
4Adam McLanehttp://adammclane.com4
5Jonathan McKee
6Tim Schmoyerhttp://studentministry.org3
7Fuller Youth Institute
8Adam Walker Cleaveland
9Kurt Johnston
10Youth Specialties
11Brian Kirk, Jacob Thornerethinkingyouthministry.com13
13Jeremy Zachhttp://www.reyouthpastor.com9
14Greg Stiergregstier.org16
14The Youth Cartel
16Ian MacDonaldhttp://www.youthblog.org12
17Walt Mueller
18Youth Leader Stashyouthleaderstash.comNR
19Chuck Bomar
20Rachel Blomhttp://www.youthleadersacademy.comNR
21Mike King
21Jake Bouma
23Kenda Creasy Dean
24Matt McGillhttp://lovegodlovestudents.comNR
25Terrace Crawford



  1. Seems to be one missing from this list...

  2. Jonathan...ha! Yes you make me laugh. Thanks for your support!

  3. Where is Jeanne Mayo??