Tuesday, October 11, 2011

great environments for teens...

Had the honor of hanging out with Kurt Johnston, Josh Griffin, Jared Kirkwood, and Matt McGill and see the student facilities at Saddleback and Mariners Church. I wanted to see these to facilities because I so respect these 2 churches for doing student ministry with excellence when they did not have permanent space. I promise you can make any facility work for teens if you work hard at crafting the environment...it just takes work, planning, and a little cash. Both churches had the chance to craft these spaces from top to bottom and both did amazing things. There are things I prefer about both of them when it comes to a space. Maybe one day we will get to design a space like this for teens in Clarksville. Here are a few pictures...thanks to these leaders for letting us see their environment!

Student Facility @ Saddleback

Student Facility @ Mariners Church

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