Friday, October 9, 2009

Catalyst 09 in the books...headed to DISNEY WORLD!

Huge thanks to the team at Catalyst...what an amazing 2 days. I am still processing all that I learned and was challenged with and God is birthing some crazy ideas in my heart. Hearing Chuck Swindol today was a highlight! I have listed to this pastor since I was a kid. He was one of the first communicators as a teen I liked to hear. It was great to honor his ministry. I have so many thoughts from Louie Giglio and Andy Stanley BUT this is we go...

I AM TAKING MY FAMILY TO DISNEY FOR 5 DAYS!!!!!! Here we go! I am unplugging, stopping, and hanging with my family for the next 5 days. Everything back home will be fine, I am stopping to rest!

See ya when we get home...headed to make some memories!

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  1. Have a FABULOUS time!!! :) Can't wait to hear all about it!