Monday, September 21, 2009

Quick Hit MONDAY

  • Cross Street Live got underway yesterday and it was an amazing start to the new year. I am so proud of our actors, worship leaders, and tech crew. You all did an amazing job! and all you families who rock! You gave 800 dollars to help the Garcia family with their adoption in the effort!
  • Adam Bayne and Chad Rowland made their CSL debut last night...WOW! They were great!
  • Titan not give up Titan fans, we will be OK.
  • Vol Update...proud of the Vols for fighting hard in the swamp! Hoping for 7 wins!
  • MTSU update...WE BEAT MARYLAND!!! Go blue raiders! (my Alma mater)
  • Yes if you did no notice it is football season and I am consumed. I love football!
  • Relevant Student Ministry is blowing us away. It is so amazing to see the impact we are having each week in teens lives. Our second location is going great and this fall has been so amazing.
  • The three services at GCC are working well. Big thanks to all our volunteers for making this idea happen. It is working! I LOVE 11:30 service...that is the place to be!
  • I led worship this Sunday in Cross Street on Sunday morning...IT WAS CRAZY, thanks to all the kids for going for it with me. it was fun!
  • Operation Serve is this weekend and the buzz is in the air. I love GCC folks get so stoked about serving. Operation Serve is a one day missions effort in our city. Over 1,000 volunteers will be serving our city. We are pumped.
  • I love where I work and what I do. I am so glad I get to serve with these people at GCC. For all of you serving in a place you are not passionate, HOLD ON! Work hard where you are at but never stop dreaming about what is next. Where you are at right now will not last forever!

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